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before & after sketch designs from your photo

for a limited time shannon taylor scarlett is offering a new service we are calling micro-design consultations.

unlike full architectural services, this is an opportunity to get some real architectural advise for your home, but at a significantly reduced scale, both in level of service and price.

the purpose of the micro-design consultation is to get a quick idea of how a change to your house—an addition, renovation, site design—might look after construction, prior to any more extensive work you may, or may not, become involved in.

the micro-design consultation is intended as a suggestive and not a full design exploration, a quick sketch of what a registered architect with years of experience might do in a particular situation, to make improvements to a house.

it does not guarantee the suggested design is the best, or even the most appropriate design for your particular needs—that is what you hire professionals for—but simply one alternative that intuitively feels right for the conditions presented.

send in a photo of the area of the house that needs the most attention—the before image, with a brief description of the issue as you see it, and we will generate a sketch, an after image of the exact same view.


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