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Our daily activities and emotions are destined, to a large part, by the setting in which the day begins - by the character of the house we live in, both in our personal engagement with it and in it’s physical details.

For example, when the sun streams into the bedroom from a tall French door leading to a garden terrace, we awaken to a warm and promising day. The shower, with one wall fully glazed and open to a small private garden, lush with tropical flowers and vines, cleanses and invigorates us with a kaleidoscope of color and light. And even if the bedroom is tiny, with only a comfortable bed and a small bureau, and the bathroom- consumed by the shower- leaves barely a corner for a sink and toilet- our morning ritual experience is grand!

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merging house and gardens

A glass house may be one way to fully experience the landscape, however there are many other ways to make connections between the inside of your house and the outside. And, there are a number of benefits to making these connections.

First is the opportunity to add extra living space to your house. Outdoor rooms, such as porches, decks, walled gardens, hedge enclosed terraces, screened porches and pergolas expand the indoor living space, even if only visually when it’s too hot or cold to inhabit them.

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house as family portrait

Every house has the opportunity to become a an intricate tale of the family who built it;  like a portrait to the outside world, but also like a glove fitted to the functions and character of the family.

As Frank Lloyd Wright explains his idea of the house as a family portrait, in a letter to prospective clients, he says,”I try to make each home characteristic of it’s owner and an interpretation when possible. I think all of the buildings are entitled to a certain family resemblance…”

“…if the architect is what he ought to be, with his ready technique and consciously works for the client, idealizes the client’s character and his client’s tastes and makes him feel that the building is his as it really is to such an extent that he can truly say that he would rather have his own house than any other he has ever seen.”

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