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old audels, new audels, no audels

I came across this great blog by a builder, Tedd Benson, who still refers to old builder handbooks in his own work, and his precise description of their decline over time… Old Audels, New Audels, No Audels One of those seminal events was the discovery of a volume of books known back then as “The carpenter’s bible.” When I came to New England, I discovered that my carpentry apprenticeship in Colorado wasn’t a good calling card. In fact, “Colorado carpenter” was a common phrase used by East Coast builders as a contemptuous epithet to describe any hack with poor skills and a bad attitude. …. One of the first indications that New England builders were different was their sense of pride about their profession. Those guys liked being carpenters and were challenged by its demands. They cared. And they had skills. I knew I had a lot to learn and asked them if they had any ideas about how I might do some off-work hours learning. There was a quick answer: “Just get a copy of the old Audels and start reading.” It turned out the “old Audels” was a four volume set that had been out of print for about 20 years at that time. I would have to search old bookstores to find it. In the meantime, one of my workmates brought a set in for me to see what the fuss was about. I turned to the first page of the first volume and what I read I had a big affect on me. It still does.

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goodreads giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway

SIMPLE RULES what the oldtime builders knew by Shannon Taylor Scarlett

SIMPLE RULES what the oldtime builders knew

by Shannon Taylor Scarlett

Giveaway ends October 31, 2013.

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get free builder handbook/ design guide august 27-31

new book, Simple Rules: What the Oldtime Builders Knew by Shannon Taylor Scarlett


Designed for both layman and professional, this 120 page, fully illustrated book includes 25 key design principles that apply to architecture, art and buildings. Inspired by long forgotten sources, this builder handbook includes timeless composition guidelines, elegant proportional systems, building techniques and formulas for making buildings more beautiful. It is intended as a design guide for the architect or modern builder who cares about aesthetics and meaning, as much or more than the bottom line.

It will be Free on Amazon Kindle August 27-31 http://amzn.to/16wTIuD

6x9 paperback version is also available on Amazon… and I will mail a free copy to the first 10 people to review this book on Amazon or Goodreads. Just email your address to scarlettarch@verizon.net (I would really appreciate it!)



biodesign walk

Lowell Young and his wife Christie have lived in California’s Napa Valley for over 40 years. Mr. Young taught high school biology for nearly 40 years before he retired. The class that evolved into Biodesign was a creative, collaborative project where the roles of teacher and student were often reversed. It was well known by the students that although Mr. Young represented the physical nature of the class, Christie’s silent spiritual guidance was often felt in their classroom circles, as well as along the many miles of trails they walked. The Biodesign class may be the only one of its kind taught in a public high school in the country.

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