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tile decals

Simple temporary (or permanent-sounds like they are durable) fix for covering up ugly tiles:

Vinyl tile decals!

These are made by and English company, Mibo. But, there are several companies that make similar tiles.

Quick Fixes: Tile Decals!

the tileist noted,”Everyone seems to have a personal horror story about tile, and that story often involves 70s-esque mauve or pale pink or pea-shoot green subway tiles in the master bath. Indeed, every third person to whom I mention that I’ve just written a book on tile divulges their tale of pastel ceramic woe. I feel your pain. (Although, just to be a contrarian, one of the chicest master baths I’ve ever seen was an about-to-be-renovated Neutra house in L.A. swathed in Pepto-Bismol pink.)

If ripping out the offending walls and floors is not in the cards, one idea that’s sure to stick is tarting up your tiles with inexpensive vinyl decals in fun geometric shapes! I have a special fondness for Graphic Wall from The Graphic Aware and Mibo’s Tile Tattoos for 4- or 6-inchers or subway tiles. Also works for revamping your boring white tiles into something a little more…retro.”

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