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ecohome: 15 products that piqued readers' interest

top 15 reader-requested products of 2011

The 15 products that piqued EcoHome readers’ interest,including tankless water heaters, LED lighting, and green walls.

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Each year, EcoHome publishes information on hundreds of green building products in our print magazine and on our Web site, from water-conserving fixtures to energy-saving insulation to recycled-content tile. One way we track reader preferences is to tally which products from our e-newsletter garnered the most user clicks combined with which products enticed print readers to request more information via “circle numbers” found at the end of each product caption.

Leading this year’s list of 15 is CertainTeed’s EnergyEdge, which insulates concrete slab edges to cut back on a home’s energy loss by as much as 24%. Also among the ranks are Dow’s structural insulated sheathing, Kingspan’s solar thermal system, and Woodharbor’s frameless cabinetry.

Click on the slide show to see all top 15 products that piqued EcoHome readers’ interest this year.

Katy Tomasulo


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